Price List for Most Commonly Dry Cleaned and Laundered Items

The following price list is for Best Cleaners and Laundry’s  most commonly dry cleaned and laundered items.  Please note that these prices are for general fabrics and processing requirements; additional charges will apply for silks, linens, rayons, velvet, and trims and buttons that require special care or handling. We are happy to provide a price for any item prior to dry cleaning or laundering.

Laundered Shirt on Hanger
Men’s $2.45
Woman’s $2.45
Laundered Pants or Slacks
Men’s $6.65
Woman’s $6.65
Dry Cleaned 2 Piece Suit
Men’s $14.60
Woman’s $14.60
Dry Cleaned Men’s Shirt
Regular $6.49
Polo or Golf $5.50
Rayon $6.49
Linen $7.49
Silk $7.49
Dry Cleaned Sweater
Men’s $6.10
Woman’s $6.10
Dry Cleaned Neckwear
Tie $3.75
Scarf $3.95
Laundered Shirt – Boxed
Men’s $3.50
Woman’s $3.50
Dry Cleaned Woman’s Dress
Basic $12.85
Cocktail $17.65
Prom $29.95
Formal $29.95
2 Piece $15.10
Dry Cleaned Woman’s Blouse
Cotton $5.79
Rayon $5.79
Linen $6.79
Silk $6.79
Dry Cleaning – Other
Sport Coat or Blazer $7.95
Ladies Skirt $6.60
Jackets $7.99-$14.99
Overcoats $18.00
Uniforms $7.15-$14.60
Comforters $28.00-$36.50

We also specialize in cleaning and pressing formal wear, wedding gowns, tuxedos, leather goods, and household items such as draperies, bedding and fine linens.

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