Best Cleaners and Laundry Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, and we have the answers!

What is Dry Cleaning? Is it really dry?
Dry cleaning is a process of using any solvent other than water to clean garments. Typically your clothing will be immersed in a (liquid) solvent contained within a large machine which performs both the cleaning and drying of your garment, and your order will then be pressed and bagged.
I spilled wine on my dress. Can I use club soda on the stain?
Using club soda and other “home remedies” is generally not recommended. When you stain or spill food or drink on your clothing, it is usually best to first gently blot the stain with a clean cloth. Then bring your item to us as soon as possible after staining, explaining the type of stain and when it occurred. Best Cleaners has the tools, professional chemicals and techniques to apply to the stain in order to treat and remove it. Long term stains and those pre-treated at home may sometimes become permanent or “set” into the fabric.
Is Dry Cleaning better than laundering?
Not necessarily. Your dry cleaner will typically follow the care label instructions contained inside your garment, in conjunction with an evaluation of the type and severity of any staining on the garment. Trusting the professionals at Best Cleaners is your best course of action, since we have knowledgeable, skilled professionals to keep you and your clothing looking great!
I received a new wool coat for my birthday. Can I safely wash it at home?
Congratulations on your wonderful gift! At Best Cleaners, we always recommend that you start by reading the label inside your garment to determine the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning. This recommendation is generally based upon the fabric type, construction, and weaves of the garment fibers –along with dyes, and color fastness. Washing or laundering a Dry Clean Only garment is not recommended, and may damage the garment. But if you’re ever not sure, you can bring it by our store anytime for specific advice.
My clothing is laundered each week. Can you just press the items?
Yes, Best Cleaners will perform what we call Press Only. If your clothing is already cleaned, we can provide this service at a discount to our normal dry cleaning price.
How soon, after dropping off, can I have my clothing back?
If you require same day service, simply bring your garments in by 9:00am and we will have them ready by 5:00pm. It’s fast, simple, and convenient!
Do you clean and preserve Wedding Dresses?
At Best Cleaners and Laundry we can have your Wedding Gown cleaned, pressed, and preserved to ensure your treasured memories stay with you forever. Your dress will be carefully sealed in an acid-free inner box with acid- free paper to prevent yellowing. The sealed packaging allows you to view your gown and veil at any time, while protecting the gown from any mold, mildew, insect damage and oxidation. The inner box is placed in an attractive, durable, long-term storage chest for additional safety.
Do you offer Pick-up and Delivery?
Best Cleaners and Laundry offers FREE pick-up and delivery service for customers within our delivery area. You may opt for our twice a week service available for home or office, or if you are just needing one-time service, feel free to give us a call at (352) 666-2378.
Can you clean comforters and bedspreads?
Yes. We are equipped to either launder or dry clean almost all of your household items, including bedding, draperies and area rugs. We also have self-service oversize washers and dryers that are fast, easy to use, and able to handle your biggest and toughest laundered items!
Do you do alterations? How quickly can they be done?
We have professional seamstress’ available to help with your alteration needs. We perform hemming and re-stitching, and offer fittings by appointment. Depending upon the complexity of the alterations, they are usually completed within 72 hours.

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